Camilo Galvez, Maintenance Manager

"Valentino Electric Inc. has always come through for us no matter how big or heavy the job. They installed a 4000 amp service, ran power and control wiring to get our plating lines up and running ahead of schedule."

-Bob Meier, President

"Once again you have made me look like a real champion for completing your part of my job at Crestwood Healthcare. I know this job was extremely complicated and without a single complaint you have me accurate, timely results."

-Dr. Ken Portnoy, Owner

"The quality of your work is excellent. The electricians were friendly and very easy to deal with."

-Steve Kopinski, General Manager

"With your efforts and flexibility we were able to move our company into our current building with an absolute minimum of production loss."

-Bernie Paul, Vice President

"The standard of service Valentino Electric, Inc. provides continues to exceed our expectations."

-Brad Buffington, Operations Manager

"Over the past seven years your company has always been dependable and responsible when on call."

-Mike Carson, President

"Valentino Electric, Inc. was able to perform all of our power and control wiring in order to get our factory up and running on time. They also offered engineering ideas to save us money."

-Rich Zappen, President

"I started using Valentino Electric, Inc. three years ago when I moved my printing business to a larger building. They understand what I want and get it finished within my time requirements. Their prices have always been fair and they're good guys, too."

-John Garris, President

"We have used Valentino Electric, Inc. for several years and have always had quality work done at a reasonable price."

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